Targeted Business and Industry Appreciation Month

As part of the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce's efforts to recognize targeted businesses, we celebrate Targeted Business & Industry Appreciation Month each October. Targeted businesses do more than 50 percent of their business outside of the state, bringing new dollars to our region, businesses and families.

Targeted Business & Industry Awards Banquet

The Targeted Business & Industry Appreciation Banquet is the premier event of the month.


We honor not only the Business of the Year, but also companies winning awards in the following categories:

  • Business Expansion Awards: South Central Kentucky companies that expanded their operations, investing capital and creating jobs for local residents.
  • Newcomer Awards: New-to-South Central Kentucky companies that announced their location here.
  • Business Innovation Awards: South Central Kentucky companies that – through product or process – best exemplify innovative leadership.

Industry Appreciation Event

The Industry Appreciation Event recognizes and shows appreciation for the businesses' contributions to the local economy.