Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce Announces Collaboration with Local Non-Profits

Published Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce today celebrated a newly formed collaboration with Goodwill Industries and the Housing Authority of Bowling Green to develop a talent matching program that will match local talent with available positions in Bowling Green and Warren County.  These new partnerships are designed to complement the initiatives of the public workforce system in our area and provide additional opportunities for those seeking employment. 

The Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce works with local targeted businesses to identify job openings and talent needs through the Workforce Coordinator position funded by Warren County and the City of Bowling Green.  The Chamber has already identified 40 companies with over 300 openings and expects those numbers to grow.  Under the new agreements, Goodwill Industries, Inc.’s Job Junction and the Housing Authority of Bowling Green will identify potential candidates and refer them to our businesses for consideration.

The Bowling Green and Warren County economy is strong with growing talent needs. The Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce currently serves over 1,200 partners in the community, representing over 30,000 jobs. According to a recent study completed in 2013, South Central Kentucky will face 4,500 open positions in manufacturing by 2015 and 9,000 by 2020 just through natural attrition. Additionally, Bowling Green and Warren County continue to have strong economic development success with over $180 million in investment and 275 new jobs announced in just the first half of 2014.

“First of all, I’d like to thank the City of Bowling Green and Warren County for their vision in funding the Workforce Coordinator position at the Chamber.  Funding that position has allowed us to reach out to our local targeted businesses and truly understand their talent needs. Partnering with Goodwill Industries’ Job Junction and the Housing Authority of Bowling Green is an important step in referring qualified candidates to our targeted businesses and ultimately growing our workforce. We are very excited about these partnerships, and we look forward to developing more,” said John Mark Fones, Chairman of the Board of the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce.

Goodwill Industries of Kentucky’s Job Junction program is a free resource which connects employers with qualified job candidates. Job seekers receive free job search assistance; resume development, mock interviewing, career counseling, free computer, internet, and assistance with finding employment which meets their needs. Employers can list jobs, review applicants, hold job fairs, and work closely with Job Junction staff to connect with qualified job candidates—all free of charge.

According to Workforce Development Manager T.J. Shockley-Hunt, “We are very excited to be partnering with the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce on this project.  Through this partnership with the Chamber we have already made several successful placements and we are looking forward to many more.  A steady pipeline of high quality job openings allows for great opportunities for our job seekers.  Our clients at the Job Junction are enthusiastic about the opportunities available in South Central Kentucky and we are delighted to be able to help link qualified job candidates with area employers and help job seekers in our community obtain gainful employment. ”

The Housing Authority of Bowling Green provides job search assistance as well as job and life skills training which includes resume writing, job application assistance, and practice on mock interviews.  In addition, the Housing Authority provides job counseling and other workshops to assist with job opportunities.  According to Executive Director Abraham Williams, “The Housing Authority of Bowling Green is designed to help get people on their feet in stable jobs and affordable housing.  We are very eager to partner with the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce in helping to put our clients one step closer to self-sufficiency through successful career placement.”

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About the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce:

Incorporated in 1935, the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce is a 5-Star Accredited Chamber by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and was named the 2009 Chamber of the Year by the American Chamber of Commerce Executives. As the fourth largest chamber in Kentucky, the Chamber serves as a premier business advocate for its more than 1,100 partners and is the driving force for economic development in South Central Kentucky. Its primary goals are to promote growth and success in the business community, reaching its small business partners and those in large industries alike. With leadership programs, governmental relations projects, educational initiatives and involvement opportunities, the Chamber aims to support the community and its neighbors in order to enhance the business climate and continue to grow the region.

About Goodwill Industries of Kentucky, Inc.:

 Goodwill Industries of Kentucky is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps people with disabilities or other disadvantages achieve and maintain employment to gain a better quality of life. In 2013, Goodwill placed 2,470 Kentuckians into jobs and provided more than 14,000 employment services or referrals. Goodwill operates 63 donated goods centers across the state and in 2013 paid nearly $18 million in wages to people with disabilities or other barriers to employment. Donations are tax deductible. For more information or to find your nearest location, visit

For more information regarding Job Junction please visit 1806 US 31W Bypass, Bowling Green, KY. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Call (270) 781-4930 for additional information.

About the Housing Authority of Bowling Green: 

The Housing Authority of Bowling Green was established in March 1962, with the purpose of providing decent, sage, and sanitary housing at an affordable cost. Almost four decades later, the Housing Authority of Bowling Green not only provides housing at four locations throughout the city of Bowling Green but also provides numerous programs to assist low-income individuals and families throughout Bowling Green/Warren County become self-sufficient and move from rental to home ownership. Partnering with various community organizations including the Bowling Green Human Rights Commission, Western Kentucky University, the Salvation Army, the Barren River Area Development District, the City of Bowling Green and others, the Housing Authority of Bowling Green strives to provide a hand up to its residents and other low-income to moderate-income families, moving them along the continuum of success.