Students Complete Inaugural Year of SCK LAUNCH: Student Ambassador Leadership Training

Published Thursday, May 3, 2018 11:30 am

High school students who participated in the SCK LAUNCH: Student Ambassador Leadership Training are celebrating the completion of their first year of the program – marking a successful implementation of FranklinCovey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People K-12 in two school districts.

The training focused on preparing students for their future careers and becoming contributing members of their community. Using FranklinCovey’s framework, students developed principle-centered leadership skills through expanded awareness of their community and exposure to area businesses, resources and opportunities. Student-Led Leadership is comprised of three components to ensure all students can become the leaders of their future: 1) Leading Others 2) Leading Self and 3) Employability Capstone. The initiative places emphasis on the actions that create a positive impact for students, school and community.

Student Ambassadors are charged with encouraging other students to act as catalysts among their peers, making measurable and significant impacts in their school and community. In achieving this, teams of students develop and lead campaigns and service projects. A key outcome of the program is students forming a connection with their community through service. Once a connection has been formed, the likelihood of them remaining and investing in their community increases greatly.

“The most significant thing I learned was how important teamwork and communication is,” said Austin Meredith, a senior student at Greenwood High School. “Through this program I have learned how to express ideas and to receive other people’s ideas and that will be a very useful skill for me.”

“This program has done an extraordinary job of connecting and engaging students with the community that surrounds them.” said Jenny Hester, Principal of South Warren High School. “The skills they are developing will help them achieve success, position themselves as thought leaders and develop ways to positively impact a variety of issues – all qualities that our community will benefit from.”

The FranklinCovey organization has recognized Bowling Green as the first community in the nation to implement the 7 Habits across two school districts K-12 through the investment of $1.4 million by the local business community.

“By design, this nation leading approach is connecting student leaders with business leaders who are truly invested in the success of our students and our community,” said Ron Bunch, President and CEO of the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce. “The inaugural year has been a tremendous success and we are extremely grateful for the time and financial commitment the business community has made – without question it is making a positive impact on our community’s future.”

As a requirement of the program students were tasked with developing a project that serves as a collective voice and focuses on the future. A project can range from a campaign, event or social impact initiative that helps others engage and develop a sense of belonging with the community. Business partners also served as mentors offering guidance and direction for the student-led projects.

The participating schools and business partners follow along with project descriptions:

(South Warren High School / Houchins, Corvette Museum, Warren County Water District)
We   SW – Mini campaigns focused on building a sense of pride in the school and feeder schools. Earth Day Service Project – School community to work alongside ambassadors to build a strong sense of pride in the new school.

(Warren Central High School / Stewart Richey, Landmark Financial, Berry Global)
Digital Bootcamp for Parents – Events to help parents learn to navigate the school website and other available resources. Community Resource Collaboration – Community providers and nonprofits working together to bring health screenings and other resources to the school.

(Warren East High School / Stewart Richey, WNKY, Citizens First)
Positive Vibes
– Social media campaign (#WEPostiveVibes) to share positive messages and get all students to follow. Emily Project – Fundraiser for a fellow student diagnosed with terminal cancer. Dance Little Red – An event that raises donations for Norton’s Children Hospital.

(Greenwood High School / BGMU, Independence Bank, TVA)
Murals – Create attention grabbing murals that make students smile. Appreciation Breakfast – An appreciation breakfast was established to recognize city and volunteer firefighters. Facilities – Students are working with the district facility administrator to improve facilities.

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