Health Care Plans

We have partnered with the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce to offer two health plan options to business partners. With healthcare costs continuing to rise, many employers find themselves struggling to offer health benefits to their employees. Both the ChamberAdvantage and Lifestyle Health Plans are designed to help businesses save money on healthcare premiums while providing quality care to their employees. All Kentucky health insurance companies are now able to sell both ChamberAdvantage and Lifestyle Health Plans. In order for businesses to participate in either plan, they must meet the employment requirements and be able to verify Chamber partnership


Lifestyle Health Plans offer a different kind of health solution for businesses with two to 500 employees, with no limitations on industry sector. This level-funded plan is essentially a pre-packaged, self-insured health plan with low attachment stop-loss coverage. For the right groups, level-funded plans can offer significant savings verses a fully insured ACA small-group plan.

Additionally, Lifestyle Health Plans boasts a robust wellness component with consumer driven incentives including deductible and cash back credits for wellness activity, free telemedicine, free lab serves, free diabetic testing supplies and more.


ChamberAdvantage, in collaboration with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, is a self-funded option available to businesses with 2 to 50 employees. The plan provides smaller employers the opportunity to join together in a larger, self-funded pool and share in the overall claims risk while receiving financial protection backed by Anthem’s stop-loss coverage.

By utilizing a larger risk pool of several employers verses a small risk pool for a standalone employer, small businesses enrolled in ChamberAdvantage are able to achieve more predictable pricing, greater flexibility in benefit design and potential savings of as much as 25 percent compared to plans available through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace.