Why is Bowling Green the Best Place to Live in Kentucky?

In 2018 Bowling Green, KY was named the 'Best Place to Live in Kentucky' by TIME.com. Read the article by clicking here. The article reads, "What makes a town worth living in? While beautiful scenery and a sense of community can help give a location character, features like affordability, safety, convenience, and a bustling economy are always critical factors...As in our previous rankings, we considered everything from the cost of buying a home to median household income. The results surfaced favorite stand-bys, well-known cities, and plenty of hidden gems..."

We wanted to take this recognition even further and break down each category (Diversity, Quality of Life, Education, and Economy), and show you through real data, why Bowling Green deserves to be called the 'Best Place to Live in Kentucky'. You can follow along with the campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. We will be sharing each category every two weeks.






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